Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 VBS Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

Each year along with reviewing most of the VBS resources for the new year, I also put together a side-by-side comparison chart to help you as you evaluate which VBS resources are the best "fit" for your ministry. So, this evening, I'm happy to share with you my 2014 VBS Side-by-Side Comparison Chart!

You will find it at this link; please feel free to download and make as many copies as you need to help the people on your VBS team make your selection. If you are going to any VBS Open Houses or Workshops, please feel free to take some with you and give copies to anyone who will be involved in helping you decide which VBS kits you want to use.


  1. Thank you so much for all of the information.

  2. I miss the "Hands on the Bible" category. You have two columns for Lifeway's Agency D3.

    It would be nice if you would update the links from the VBS tab at the top of your website to include all your 2014 reviews and information.

    Thanks for all your work on our behalf! It is so helpful!

  3. oops! Thank you for letting us know about the D3 being in there twice - we keep taking it out and updating it, but it isn't loading the correct view. We'll get it fixed tonight. I did say in each review if they use open Bibles or not - will put it in the chart next year. Thank you for reading About the Children's Department