Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today - January 29, 2014 - Frames Live - FREE On-line Conference from Barna!

Frames Live
Last night I received an email with info about a FREE conference which you can "attend" on-line from George Barna . . . FRAMES Live! It looks really interesting; and like there will be a wealth of excellent and helpful information, so even though it is extremely short notice, I wanted to let you know in case you are able to watch at least some of it!

Start your year out right by attending FRAMES LIVE—a one-day learning experience from Barna Group. You'll be briefed on the latest trends in culture and gain the knowledge you need to navigate the turbulence that has become the "new normal."

Attend this valuable training—with as many others as you want—for free! It's an entirely new way to gain cultural insights and train others to make a difference. 

Join David Kinnaman and the FRAMES authors as they share their experience and insight on ten big ideas impacting society and consider how the Christian community needs to respond. 

Be the first to hear brand-new research from Barna and discover how to apply it in your world. Leave with new insight, fresh ideas and useful knowledge that will help you make sense of our times and your calling. 

Don't miss this unique new training opportunity—and bring your entire team. It will change the way you live and lead in 2014.

Sound interesting? Check this link for details about the "ten big ideas" and how to register for FREE!

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