Thursday, January 16, 2014

VBS 2014 - Game On by NextGen4Christ & Give-Away!

 My post is a bit delayed today because I was at jury selection - I will be on a jury next month, but for today let's take a look at a truly unique and new idea for VBS with Game On from NextGen4Christ! It has a fun setting and is available as a digital curriculum which is written with a focus on being Biblically sound and on engaging children so they will learn, "When you give God the controller, you find the greatest adventure!"

Game On!
by - NextGen4Christ

Scope and Sequence -
  1. Loading . . . I Samuel 16, 17:34-36 - David chooses to grow and learn in God rather than just wasting time being bored - Destiny:  God is going to give us a great adventure, so I should grow strong! 
  2. Defeat the boss - I Samuel 17 - David chooses to defeat Goliath using the courage and gifts God has given him - Courage: I should believe that God alone will give me power over my fear. 
  3. No Cheat Codes - I Samuel 26 - Saul is jealous of David, and David has a chance to kill Saul, but spares his life - Integrity: I will be honest and stand for what is right no matter what! 
  4. Give God the Controller - 2 Samuel 6 - David dances like crazy to show everyone God is #1 in his life - Worship: I give my heart over to God and don’t care what others think! 
  5. +1: The Extra Life - 2 Samuel 7; Luke 1:22, 23 - David is promised God's Son will come from his sons and will save the world! - After Jesus rose from the dead, he asked a sinner to start the church 
Setting - Game Central, Apps Labs, Game Floor and more as children move through the different "levels" of their "games" to experience Bible truth! 
Theme - Children will experience giving God the controller to their lives through the life of David.
Focus – Evangelism, Application, Content and Service
  • Fully reproducible - this curriculum can be downloaded from the NextGen4Christ website 
  • Solid Bible teaching - strong focus on the life of David. Children will learn how they can give God the controller to their lives and "get in the game"!
  • Creative and engaging lessons with strong focus on application - I really love the creativity used to intentionally engage all the children in the telling of the Bible lesson!
  • Strong use of small groups for discussion and application
  • Last year I said I'd like to see, "Daily Live-it activities with time in each day's schedule for children to tell what they did and learned" and this year children have several options to choose from each day! I LOVE the iFollow Phones from the App Labs - Excellent and Creative!
  • I LOVE the science projects children work on each day as part of their Bible lesson - these are so fun, exciting, creative and engaging! EXCELLENT!!!
  • I LOVE the focus on helping children open their Bible to read God's Word, then focus on what it means and how to live it in their lives - they have two stations to spend time focusing on the lesson each day and in these stations they do interesting, creative and engaging activities to keep their attention and help them remember what they are learning as well as how it lives in their lives - EXCELLENT!
  • I LOVE the daily service projects children work on instead of making crafts! EXCELLENT! 
  • I LOVE the Opening and Close as they have enthusiasm and are focused on introducing children to the point for the day and to taking one last time to reinforce what the children learned - Well done!
Would Like to See
  • There is information on safety and screening volunteers, but I would like to see more
NextGen4Christ says, "Children will discover what happens when you give God control and follow Him through the adventurous life of David!  They'll realize even when David's life was boring, he found a way to learn, grow, and practice his skills!  Kids will experience facing a giant of fears just like Goliath!  They will love acting out the Bible story when David has integrity and chooses not to kill Saul, but proves his loyalty!  Kids will go crazy for God just like David did when he worshipped!  And finally, they will delve into the promises of God, which are ours when we choose to live for Him!Game On is well thought out and designed to give children the opportunity to experience God's Word like never before, so they will walk away with a better understanding of God's Word as well as why and how to live it in their everyday lives! Definitely take a look at this VBS! 

I am happy to say, NextGen4Christ is making available one download of their VBS for me to give away (USA only)! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in the drawing for the Kit - which will be on January 30, 2014, please comment below to let me know how knowing God's promises helps you to live for Him! For me, knowing God is faithful and promises to be faithful, gives me strength to serve Him, especially when others are not faithful.

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  1. Wow, God's Promises. We still start in 4 weeks in our Children's Ministry a series on Promises of God. God's promise to me that He will help me, and do things in my life, as long as I let Him, means so much to me every day.

    I follow on Google Friend, and like the Facebook Page, and also follow by email. I also shared the post.

    1. God's promises are the best because He always keeps them! Thank you for sharing, reading About the Children's Department and sharing it with the people you know!

  2. Because I know God's promises, I can live my life for Him without the fear that what I am doing isn't part of His plan for me.

    I follow on Goggle Blogger Dashboard. I have also liked you on Facebook.

  3. God's promises help to carry me through when life gets tough. I know that He will carry through on what He says he is going to do!

  4. I am not sure how to follow by e-mail or google friend connect but I shared this post on facebook, liked you on Facebook and already liked game on facebook (which is how I saw this!

    God's promises help give me hope during the times that seem hopeless. I know his work in me and others is not finished yet and he will see us through :)

  5. Knowing God's promises helps me in knowing the One who made the promise is a covenant-keeping God who remains faithful regardless of whether we're able to not. It's because of his love, no ours.

    I follow on FB and share on Twitter, Ms. Linda.

  6. Knowing God's promises helps me to know the God I serve and trust him to help me through tough times. His promises also give me some wonderful things to share with others.

  7. God's promise to be with me always and that I will be with Him forever are so encouraging!

    I have followed, liked, and shared!

  8. God promises that even in my darkest hours, (having a friend of the youth at church commit suicide, friends of our youth murdered, friends witnessing a friend cutting, one of our very own running away) he will give his strength to the youth ministry leaders that try comfort &counsel our youth. He promises to give wisdom to help us know the right things to say, and the power to endure all of the challenges we have faced and will face in the future.

  9. God's promises are a comfort during the storms of life. Children's ministry requires wearing many hats and knowing God promises to never leave us is a true comfort. Instead of allowing confusion over a situation to inhibit growth we can go to the Lord in prayer and receive peace. Knowing God will guide our every step allows us to walk in faith and gentleness with those in our lives.
    I liked your site on FB, followed and shared.
    Thank you for your ministry.

  10. God's promise to me is that he will never leave or forsake me. No matter how hard things get, no matter what happens, He is always with me. God is rarely early, He is never late; He is always ON TIME. We've had some tough blows lately, but I know that He will see us through this rough patch and provide for my family.

  11. knowing God's promises never fail frees me to live the way He asks us to... to depend fully on him!

    liked & shared

  12. God's promises give so much comfort and security. Despite all our discouragement and failings he is constant and worthy of following! It is a joy to know that his mercies are new every morning.

    I just started following on Google, have previously liked your site on FB, and shared this post.

  13. Even though my circumstances may change, God's promises do not. I love that!

    I liked your site on Facebook!

  14. God's promises give me HOPE for tomorrow. When I see how television and those people that are put on pedestals go against our great God, I look to His promises that there is hope for me, my family, our Children's ministry and all others who put their trust in God.

    I like on facebook, follow on Google, get your e-mails and shared this post!

  15. Knowing God's promises gives me hope because I know He is working all things for my good. I know He is producing steadfastness in me, and I know that one day the trials of earth will seem light and momentary.

  16. Knowing God's promises allows me to trust in Him and helps ME get out of the way so God can accomplish His purposes in and through Me.

    I liked your page on Facebook!

  17. I love all of God's promises. I love that all God's promises are YES and AMEN!!

  18. We've been reading thru the whole Bible with our kids and seeing how God holds to his promises. Our adult SS class did the same thing last year using "The Story." When everything seems to not be going right, it's great to be able to hold onto God's promises. I love looking back and seeing how God has had a hand in my life!

  19. God's promises give me strength for today and hope for tomorrow.