Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VBS 2014 - Genesis 1 Space Probe - VBS Reachout Adventures

VBS Reachout Adventures offers their Genesis 1 Space Probe VBS this year with a strong focus on memorization.

Genesis 1 Space Probe
VBS Reachout Adventures

  1. God as my Creator - I know by faith - Genesis 1:1-25; Hebrews 11:3
  2. God Made me to know Him - Man as creature & worshipper of God - Genesis 1:26-2:25
  3. Sin has broken my relationship with God - Man desires to be creator rather than creature - Genesis 3
  4. Cain & Abel - Which one am I? - Genesis 4:1016, 25; Hebrews 11:4
  5. Noah's Story - An example for me - Genesis 6-9:17
Setting – Intergalactic Space Stations and Missions Control
Message – Children will go, "on a time-traveling 5-day mission back to the dawn of time!"
Focus - Evangelism, Bible Content and Service
  • Genesis 1 Space Probe has strong Bible content
  • I particularly like the options for service with the “loving others at home, at VBS, in your community” – would love to see this feature in everyone’s VBS! Excellent!
  • Strong evangelism focus
  • There are options for games and crafts, but they were not included in the kit I received so I am unable to comment on them
Would like to see
  • With my concern and focus on safety, I would have liked to see a stronger emphasis on safety in the director's materials. I am very concerned to see churches encouraged to let people who are not members of their church, and even not believers, work with children in their VBS. I strongly believe EVERY person who works with children MUST be screened and they MUST be believers. I do disagree with allowing unsaved people who are not members of your church work with the children in any way.
  • There are activities for kids to go home and “live-it” with the service projects, but I’d love to see time the following day for children to share what they did and how it impacted their lives to live what they learned beyond just getting “credit/points”
  • Bible lessons which engage the children and involve them in the telling of the lesson – the content is solid, but it needs to be presented in a more engaging manner so children experience the lessons, remember them, understand and live them for changed lives.
  • More engagement in the opening and closing . . . object lessons, science projects, things which generate enthusiasm, participation and tie in with the daily point to help children remember!
  • There are quite a few activities related to work pages for reviewing the lesson, but I’d rather see a focus on understanding what the Bible lessons mean and how they are lived out in kids everyday lives every day
  • There is a lot of Scripture memorization, but I’d like to see a stronger focus on the meaning and application of the verses they are memorizing
VBS Reachout Adventures says, "Space Probe is a time and field-tested Vacation Bible School kids from all backgrounds truly love! You'll effectively reach your neighborhood children and inspire and disciple your own church kids, too. PLUS we offer free personal coaching at every stage of your planning and VBS week. Let Genesis 1: Space Probe launch your church and community into an awesome VBS adventure which fuels kids’ faith in Jesus Christ for eternity!There is strong Bible content in this curriculum so if you are looking for a resource with a focus on memorizing, evangelism and service, Genesis 1 Space Probe might be a good “fit” for your ministry.

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  1. My kids were bored with Space Probe. It could have been the way the church put on the module rather than the module itself, but either way, it was a rough week. Seemed to me - from the materials and comments from the kids - this was structured like a 3-hour long Sunday school class.