Friday, January 17, 2014

VBS 2014 - Praise Break from Abingdon Press!

Today we are going to take a look at Praise Break which is a VBS curriculum from Abingdon Press. Praise Break is a Bible, history and Arts program where children celebrate the works of God!
Praise Break
Abingdon Press
1. Praise God for Freedom - Exodus 14:31-15:2, 20, 21 - I will praise God for freedom!
2. The Faith to Pray - Isaiah 38:1-5,9,19-21 - I will have the faith to pray!
3. The Savior's Birth - Luke 2:8-15 - I will tell about the Savior!
4. Lost and Found - Luke 15:8-10 - I will celebrate success in Christ!
5. Marching to Zion - Mark 11:7-9; Luke 19:39,40 - I will walk and talk for Jesus!

Setting – A community of people who learn and praise together
Message/Theme – Children will celebrate the faith of leaders past and present and give praise for the "right now" works of God!
Focus – Application, Service 
Strengths –
  • Provides opportunities for children, and families to learn, celebrate and praise God together
  • Helps children learn how people in the Bible had "praise breaks" and connects it to how they can do so now
  • Strong focus on teaching heritage
Would like to see –
  • This isn't a typical VBS resource, so it is difficult for me to list the things I'd like to see, as there are quite a few. But, if you are looking for a resource which will help you teach God's Word, your heritage and lead children in praising God with the goal of building community, take a look at Praise Break.
Abingdon Press says, “God has brought us a mighty long way, and it is always good to pause and praise the Lord! In many churches, there are points in worship wherein a testimony, a song, or a sermon is just so good that it calls for a 'praise break!' With an intergenerational game, we will celebrate how God has worked through events and people, from the Emancipation Proclamation, to the establishment of schools and businesses, to the gaining of voting rights. The Bible story teachings, arts and crafts activities, music and movements, videos, and outreach projects all work together to help participants be on the uptake, ready for a praise break. 

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  1. Our kids love to praise God. I'm thankful that singing praises has been a value of our children's ministry since long before I began working with the children.