Wednesday, January 22, 2014

VBS 2014 Top Ten - Tie for Second Place - International Spy Academy & Weird Animals

I'm very happy to share with you today, the other two VBS resources which tied for Second place in my 2014 Top Ten VBS Review . . . International Spy Academy from Answers in Genesis and Weird Animals from Group Publishing. 

As I said, "Most years it is very easy for me to pick my Top Pick as typically there is one VBS resource which stands out from all the others; this year I had a five-way tie." This year as I reviewed VBS resources, over and over I was impressed and delighted to find truly excellent, creative and engaging lessons, so as much as I prefer to avoid "ties", I had to give the two VBS resources I'm writing about today - along with the two I wrote about yesterday - all Second Place.

ISA VBS LogoInternational Spy Academy from Answers in Genesis and Weird Animals from Group Publishing are both so much fun! I loved the creative lessons, the engaging stations and the fun designed into these resources! Check the links for my full reviews, but these are both truly excellent resources not only for VBS, but for Summer Sundays, Mid-Week Ministry and for special Family Events. 

Weird Animals, in addition to placing Second in my Top Ten VBS for 2014, also received a ribbon for Best New Idea! As I said in my review, "I LOVE KidVid Cinema and am extremely happy to see Chadder is NOT part of Weird Animals! KidVid Cinema is brilliant! I can absolutely see how this station will encourage important conversations between children and their crew leaders and provide opportunities for children to come to know Jesus and to also learn to know Him better! Excellent!"
Take a serious look at International Spy Academy and Weird Animals and see how you might use them in your ministry - you'll be so glad you do!

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