Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simple Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine's Day is next week, so if you are looking for a simple craft which the children in  your ministry could do . . . and one which has a purpose, then look at this great idea I found on Pinterest for a Valentine's Day Bird Feeder!

You'll find the simple directions at this link; it is a fun craft which children can actually make themselves! As you work on them, talk about how God shows His amazing love for us by creating such a beautiful world, filled with so many wonderful creatures! If you have a book with birds in it, get it out and look through it together; find a bird which is the most unusual, the prettiest, the ugliest and the most crazy looking! You could also do this on-line if you do not have a bird book!

Consider having the children make extra birdfeeders which they could share with their neighbors or hand out to people as they leave church to brighten their day!


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