Monday, February 3, 2014

VBS 2014 - Shine! from Go Fish; Top Pick for Music & a Special Give-Away!

I am happy for the opportunity today to share with you the new VBS from  Go Fish - Shine! This VBS will challenge children to "Shine" for God and be a "glory giver" and not a "glory getter"! Once again, Go Fish has amazing music and is my Top Pick for Music for VBS 2014!

Go Fish Guys

  1. Crown of Victory - The Tower of Babel - Genesis 11
  2. Grown of Life - Stephen's Faith - Acts 7
  3. Crown of Rejoicing - Jesus calls the first disciples - Luke 5
  4. Crown of Glory - John the Baptist - Matthew 3
  5. Crown of Righteousness - Paul's Charge to be read - 2 Timothy 4
Setting – Lights, Sparkles, Glitter, Glowing Rooms and more to fit with the idea of "shine"
Message – As Go Fish says, “Shine curriculum is designed to teach children the difference between being a glory giver and a glory getter. Children will also hear about the crowns, or reward, believers in Jesus will earn as they shine for Him!
Focus - Evangelism and Bible Content
  • As I would expect, Go Fish Gotta Move has strong Bible content and an intentional focus on evangelism.
  • I appreciate how each lesson focuses kids on taking action
  • I love how again this year, children are directed to the Bible to find the answers during the Bible lesson – not only do they tell children the Bible has the answers, but they model looking in the Bible to find the answers!
  • My Top Pick for VBS Music 2014 – the songs are incredible! My grandsons especially LOVE the song, "Superhero" . . . and I have to agree it is great fun! My favorite song this year is, "All for You" . . . I love the song, the video, the message - pretty much everything about it! All of the songs focus on the message of the VBS - being a person who shines for Jesus and gives the glory to Him! If you use this VBS, your kids – and volunteers – will absolutely LOVE the music – if you do not use this VBS, be sure to get the music and then use it in your children’s ministry!
  • New this Year - Children, teens and adults will love the "Funky Beats" part of the snack station where they get to learn to play a bucket drum
  • Once again, I sincerely appreciate the excellent information to help you include children with special needs in your vbs and the “special needs suggestions” for each Bible lesson.
  • Reproducible resources make this a very affordable option for churches
  • CDs are available again this year- these are great to give children as these are songs children - and parents - will love and continue to sing all year, which will help them remember what they learned – better than a small toy they will likely lose!
Would like to see
  • A clear emphasis on a daily “live-it” activity and time the following day for children to share what they did as well as how it impacted their life to live what they learned! Definitely add this to your VBS if you use Shine!
  • More engagement of the kids during the Bible lesson; I’d still like to see lessons which involve the kids beyond reading verses and answering questions – maybe with dramas which engage the kids and involve them in the telling of the lesson. You might try mixing some of the engagement in the preschool lessons - just make it fit older children.
  • The lessons focus strongly on teaching the Bible, but I'd really like to see a stronger focus on application and again, on living what they learn.
  • Last year they had an excellent missions project/station – it was very focused and well developed - I missed seeing it this year and hope they add it back in next year
  • Opening and closing have high energy, but I’d love to see a object lesson added to the close which again focuses on the point for the day and engages the kids. For example, the first day you could have children race in their small groups - or representatives from each group - to see who can build the tallest tower from building supplies in a given time. This is simple, but would add excitement and engage children.
  • Opportunities for kids to be involved serving their local communities – maybe add a local service component in the craft station. In particular with this VBS's focus on "giving glory for God by being a person who shines" it seems a local service project would have been a great "fit". I'd definitely add this in if I used this VBS.
  • Safety information in the director’s book  - covering screening volunteers and making the facilities safe. Each year many churches have first time VBS directors, so this information is extremely important.
  • Information to help with volunteer training – and making sure your volunteers know how to lead a child to Christ
Go Fish says: “When it comes to our salvation, God did everything which means He gets all the glory! Remarkably, the Bible speaks of crowns which will be given to those who serve Jesus here on earth. One day we will have the honor of casting these crowns at the feet of our King!” With "Shine" children will be challenged to be a "glory giver, not a glory getter"! I love the evangelism focus and focus on the Bible - if you are looking for a resource to use for evangelism outreach, definitely take a good look at "Shine" as it is a great option for VBS, Summer Sundays or as a resource especially for an outreach in the park or a community center! 

I'm extremely happy to announce a give-away from Go Fish for Shine! (USA only) This prize package includes: 1 - Shine VBS Kit, 1 - Shine CD, VIP Name
Tag, & Lanyard 20-Pack, 1 - Shine Shrinky Dinks® Craft 20-Pack, 4 - Shine T-Shirts - this Prize Package is Valued at $350! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in the drawing for the Super Starter Kit - which will be on February 17, 2014, please comment below to share something which you would like to give God the glory for . . . for me, I want to give God the glory for the many blessings He has lavished on me; my family, my church, my friends and opportunities to serve in children's ministry and by writing! He is SOOO Good!

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  1. I am giving to God the glory for my family, my friends, and that He is using me for His kingdom, even with all my faults.

    I follow on Google Friend, and Facebook, and also my email. I also shared the post.

  2. I would love to give glory to God for the great group of volunteers who share Jesus with the kids at NorthBrook Fellowship every week. I was so blessed to see them in action yesterday! I follow you through my Feedly Reader. I also follow on Facebook and just began following you on Google Friend Connect! I will share this on Facebook.

  3. I give God the glory for the Godly legacy that I have enjoyed (and am passing on to my kids). My in-laws have just celebrated 63 years of marriage, passing on their love for the Lord to their children and to many children they have come in contact with over their many years. My Grandparents and parents passed on their love for the Lord as well :) Without God, it would not be possible :)

  4. I give God the glory for my children. Often, they bring me joy and pride, but I know their Creator deserves all the glory. I follow on FB and Google and share on Twitter.

  5. I would like to give God the glory for the family that he has blessed me with-- my husband and children, my parents and inlaws, siblings and grandparents who all show such great love!

  6. I give God the glory daily that my children are happy and healthy, and that we live in a country where I can send them to a school where they will have a Christian education from teachers who truly love them and care not just about their education but their spiritual growth.

  7. I would like to give God the Glory for the Children of Milford, Texas, and the opportunity to be part of sharing His word with these children.

  8. I give God the glory to leading me to a solid husband and placing us in a wonderful church that loves us.

  9. I give God the glory because without Him i can do nothing good. Without Him I am just running in place instead of after something. I want to run with purpose

  10. I would like to give God glory for giving me plenty of second chances. I shared on Facebook and Google Plus shared.