Saturday, March 8, 2014

Essentials for Safe Nursery and Preschool Classrooms - Creativity on a Shoestring!

So . . . we've considered the essentials for a safe nursery and preschool ministry, looked at creating a top-notch environment as well as furnishings and equipment on a shoestring. let's pause a moment to consider supplies for our little ones which allow them to express themselves and what they are learning  . . . all on a shoestring as well - with an eye for safety!
  • Toddlers are emerging artists, and preschoolers see themselves as genuine Picassos. As a result, craft items should provide safe exploration of multiple media and the end product should be open-ended—which is, no “model” project to reproduce. Include the basics such as construction paper, glue sticks, safety scissors, chenille wire, pom poms and crayons. Check pricing at warehouse/membership stores in your area or look on-line at S&S World Wide or Oriental Trading. Stack you construction paper by color in letter stackers - this will reduce waste from crumpled paper and will help you be able to easily identify with just a glance if you are running low of a particular color.
  • It's essential for us to provide opportunities for children to connect visually with the things we're teaching them and with the things of God, so consider creative ways to help children do exactly this. Find excellent Bible story books and involve the older children in your ministry by having them design and color Bible story posters to hang in your nursery and preschool classrooms.
  • Purchase a supply of Crayola Color Wonder markers and paper to use in your nursery so you can involve your little ones in coloring shapes and pictures to hang around your room. Color Wonder markers and paints only mark on Color Wonder paper which makes them ideal for our littlest ones. Every nursery should use these amazing resources!
  • And be SURE to always provide enough supervision so you are certain children are safe. Be cautious about using small craft pieces, such as wiggly eyes, cut pieces of straws, etc and pay attention to be sure they do not put supplies in their mouths. If children are using scissors - even safety scissors - provide supervision and be sure your volunteers are keeping their eyes on the children.
  • Always store your craft supplies out of reach of children.
Crafts are a fun - and important - part of children's ministries, you can provide this opportunity on a shoe string and with an eye for safety! 

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