Thursday, March 13, 2014

Science Project Object Lessons for John 3:16

Over the years I've found when I use a science project to make a point, I end up capturing and keeping the attention of the children; particularly older elementary age boys! So, whenever possible I tend to include science projects in any lesson I teach!

This Sunday, at my church, we are teaching the children about when Jesus explained eternal life to Nicodemus and will be focusing on John 3:16. I emailed the teachers in my group two science projects they could involve the children with in their classes and I"m happy to share them with you today!

The first project is pretty simple, but it does use bleach so if you decide to use this idea, keep the bleach away from the children!!!!!. All you need is two cups, water, food coloring (red is particularly good for this project) and bleach. (You can see this at
1.      Fill one clear cup 3/4-full with room temperature tap water.
2.      Add 2 drops of food coloring to the water and watch what happens.
3.      Fill the other cup 1/4-full with bleach then pour it in the cup with the colored water. Pour the mixture back and forth between cups 3 or 4 times.
4.      Let the cup sit for several minutes; notice any changes in color.
The second experiment sounded really interesting to me - you would want to start it at the beginning of your class and then see how it is doing throughout your class; as well as towards the end of class as well. (You can see this project at the following link -
1.      Open a new bottle of brown-colored soda; such as Coke or Pepsi.
2.      Fill rest of bottle with 2% milk; fill all the way to the top.
3.      Replace the bottle cap and screw it on tightly.
4.      Check the milk and soda mixture throughout your class time; about every half   hour or hour.
5.      What happens? Does the soda become invisible???!!! 
Both of these experiments can be used to help children understand how when God forgives their sin - because He loves them - their sins are gone! They are able to receive eternal life because their sins are forgiven!

What do you think of these two projects? Have you tried either of them in the past? Might you try one in your class?

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  1. I will try this. This sounds like a fun way to present God's forgiveness.