Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Be So Very Careful . . . Don't Be A "Sponge"!

When we serve in children's ministry - or any area of the church - it can become very easy for us to accept the kindness of others . . . 
  • A kind word to lift our spirits when we are tired - don't you typically   have at least one person who speaks kindly to you each week?
  • Free babysitting
  • Invitations for dinner
  • Gift cards, meals, books, other gifts
  • The prayers of the people in the church
Children's ministry can be hard work, so it is nice when people in the church appreciate what you do; but do you make it a point to return the kindness shown to you? Consider the following . . . 
  • Do you look for opportunities to lift someone else's spirit with a kind word?
  • Do you notice if someone is sick and place a phone call - or at least send an email to let them know they were missed and you are praying?
  • Do you send a meal - or even a part of a meal - when someone else is experiencing a difficult time?
  • Do you return invitations for dinner and invite people to your home?
Don't use the excuse of "pace of life" - we all have a "pace of life" and we are all busy, but we all make time for the people and things which are important to us. Don't be a "sponge" - taking in the kindness of others, but not giving it back out. Be so very careful to share generously with others what you have been blessed with!

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