Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gossip - Stop It.

Gossip is something I hate. Gossip is not "harmless". Gossip is not something those of us who serve are okay to "participate" in. Gossip causes pain and is something we must not only be on guard for, but it is something which we must be resolute in having nothing to do with it.

My friend, Maralee McKee wrote an excellent post about gossip, which I'm going to share a bit of with you and link to the full post so you are able to read it all. Please take the time to do so.

                   "None of us are immune to gossip. We’ve all been guilty of 
                   talking about someone who wasn’t in the room, and we’ve 
                   all been talked about behind our backs.
Some dismiss gossip as harmless chit-chat which pumps a little excitement in the air of a boring office, classroom, or anywhere conversation. However, gossip is a ticking bomb of rumors, innuendos, half-truths, and hurtful truths. We need to stay clear of it to protect ourselves and others from its collateral damage.
~But how do we know if we’re spreading gossip or sharing legitmate news or concern about the other person?
~If someone is spreading gossip or rumors about us, how can we stop the person (whether the stories are true or not)?
~When we hear others gossiping, how can we stop them without being rude?
Actually, the answer to all three questions is, “Very easily!”
You need two things: to know the manners for protecting yourself and others from gossip and the moral courage to do the right thing.
The manners are easy right from the start.
The courage to confront someone who’s talking behind your back, or to break up a gossip fest among your friends, family, or coworkers is at first hard (and scary; however, once you flex your zero tolerance muscles a few times others will learn you are a gossip free zone.)
In ancient times a rumor was a “continuous, confused noise, clamor, or din.” This is an accurate description still today. The stress of untruths being spread or private truths being shared about someone would fill their head with thoughts and worries more maddening than a continuous clamor of pots banging on pans.
Gossip or rumors might be true or false, either way we’re wrong to share them. And when we do, we rob the other person.
Gossip is stealing. If false it’s stealing their good character. If true it’s taking away their right to privacy and ownership of their own story."
Maralee goes on to help you know where the line is between sharing news about someone and gossiping as well as to help us know how to stop gossip!  You will find her full post at this link. Read it and commit to follow it - in your life and in your ministry!

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