Sunday, May 11, 2014

Large Group/Small Group Sunday School Curriculum Comparison Chart

I've been posting the links for my Large Group/Small Group Sunday School Curriculum for the past two weeks, so today I'm sharing the link to my Large Group/Small Group Sunday School Curriculum Side-by-Side Comparison Chart (this is the same as last year). I set this chart up with a side-by-side format to help you identify those tools you believe will best equip your volunteers as they share God's Word with the children in your ministry.

There are specific things I look for and have identified as "essential tools" for a curriculum - you will find them at this link.

I didn't include whether a curriculum had colorful graphics or not because while they are a nice feature if a curriculum has them, I don't believe they should be a deciding factor when selecting curriculum. I tried to focus on the content of a curriculum in both my reviews and in this side-by-side comparison chart as the content is the thing which truly matters. 

I hope you find this chart and the reviews helpful as you look for your best curriculum "fit"! Over the next two weeks I'll release my reviews for Traditional, Non-Traditional, Bridge and Special Needs Curriculum along with a side-by-side comparison chart for these types of curriculum! In addition, we all know the economy has most certainly made budget issues more challenging for many churches, so I'll also release my Best Buys Curriculum Reviews and Chart with attention given to content and cost!

If you have used any Large Group/Small Group curriculum which I did not review, please share what you used and what you liked most about it!

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