Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Weeks by Serving in the Children's Ministry!!!!

Chances are, this title got your attention! My church is giving all the regular Sunday school
teachers two months off this Summer (July and August) and is recruiting a team of substitute teachers to teach for these two months in the regular teacher's places. We are calling it, "Summer Serve". As they recruit for it, they have used some extremely creative - and funny - ways to get the attention of the people in our church . . . the "Lose 10 pounds" is what they used in May . . . June it is, "Look 10 Years Younger"!

Check it out at this link . . . I love the "disclaimers"! (Calvary puts out a church-wide "magazine" 11 months of the year; the one for June has the following claim and disclaimer, "This Summer you can Look 10 Years Younger!!! Our team of scientists has discovered spending time with children in Calvary Kids Actually Reverses the Aging Process!" "Not actual scientists. Claims are not scientifically proven. We basically make this stuff up. But serve anyway. It's fun!")

I love when we use humor to get the attention of the people in the church; after-all, children are the least boring people on the face of the earth, so serving with children should not be boring, either!

As you think about recruiting for Summer or Fall, think of how you can use humor to get the attention of the people in your church!

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