Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Make Intentional Prayer the Cornerstone of Your Family/Children's Ministry

Okay, I'm all for praying for one another, but how often when we pray for others do we pray "generic prayers" opposed to intentional prayers which are specifically for someone? Even when we know someone has things we can pray about, how often do we actually talk to them to find out what they would most appreciate being remembered in prayer on their behalf? Yes, it takes time to sit down and actually talk to someone, but if we are serious about praying intentionally for those in our church and ministry, how can we do so if we do not first talk with the person we are praying for?

So, how can we be intentional about praying for families and children? Consider the following . . . 
  • Be intentional about praying for the children in your ministry . . . watch for visitors, children who are missing, children who are sick, children who you know are experiencing difficult times and ask specific people to pray intentionally with you. Again, approach the children and ask for specific prayer requests. Ask for their permission to share the requests with your prayer team and again, take a moment to pray with the child. If possible, have one prayer-er for each child - this one person could be the child's prayer-er for the entire school year! Just imagine what your ministry would be like if you had people specifically praying for each child on an individual level!!!! (Of course you could do the same thing for each of your volunteers, too! Wouldn't your children's ministry be amazing if you did? You'd just have to stand back and watch with amazement all the things God did!!!)
  • Be intentional about praying for families . . . again, follow the steps above for parents, as well!
  • While you are at it, be intentional about praying for each of your volunteers individually and specifically . . . approach, call or at least email a volunteer and tell them you would like to pray intentionally for them for the coming week. Ask them for a few specific prayer requests you could pray about for them and then take another moment to pray with them.
Yes, we need to pray for others, but when we are intentional about our praying and invest the time to find out specific needs, concerns and happenings for us to pray about, the results will be beyond anything we can imagine! Make intentional prayers the cornerstone of your family and children's ministries!

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