Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make the Most of Your Summer - Train Your Volunteers!

Summer is just around the corner, so I want to ask you, what are your plans for the Summer? Do you tend to "roll up your sidewalks" or do you, "shift into high gear"? Would you say you are somewhere in between those two? What do your Summers look like? Over the coming month, I want to give you some ideas of what you could do in your Summer; today I'm writing about taking time in the Summer to train your volunteers because they are literally the, "hands and feet" of your ministry to children!

The Summer is the perfect time to train your volunteers so when the Fall begins all of your volunteers are on the same page and ready to start the new school year with enthusiasm! I'm planning and preparing a training for all those who serve in the children's ministry at my church; this training will . . . 
  • Be mandatory
  • Allow the volunteers to choose which training they will attend as I will offer it on two dates; a Wednesday night and a Saturday morning
  • Include food - the Wednesday night training will include supper - 1/4 pound angus beef burger and all-beef hot dogs with plenty of topping choices, served with kettle cooked potato chips, fresh baked cookies, lemonade & iced tea. The Saturday morning training will include a brunch - fresh seasonal fruit, granola with strawberry and vanilla yogurt, assorted mini muffins, mini bagels with cream cheese and jelly, mini quiches, orange juice and fresh brewed coffee
  • Cover how to engage children in a large group session - which I will teach and then provide break-outs so team leaders can cover how to get the most our of the curriculum and safety policies with those in their specific areas
  • Provide opportunity for volunteers to connect with those who serve with them and build their relationships
  • Include time for them to pray together
  • Give us an opportunity to support and encourage our volunteers as the new school year begins!
All of this will give us to begin the year on a high note and, "on the right foot"!

So, what about you? Do you plan and present a training for all your volunteers during the Summer before the new School year begins?

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