Friday, May 16, 2014

We Are NOT In This Alone! Check Out the New CM Connect!

When you are busy serving in children's ministry - whether you are paid staff
or a volunteer - it can often feel like you are "alone"; particularly if you are serving in a more traditional church where they like to do things the way they have "always" done things. While youth pastors and senior pastors may know pastors and youth pastors in neighboring churches who they can talk with, this has not always been the case for those in children's ministry. But, it is no longer the case! CM Connect is here to do exactly what their name says . . . connect - and encourage - those in children's ministry!
When you arrive at the CM Connect site, setting up your own profile page is easy to do, just click on "Sign Up", follow the "prompts" and you are ready to begin! Even a totally non-technical person such as myself was able to do this! Once you've signed in you can personalize your profile by adding your photo, info about where you serve in children's ministry, additional photos, music, etc and invite your friends to join you! Have fun with it and make it your own "space"! 

On the left side as you scroll down, you'll see a column for "My Discussions". If you click here you can enter any questions you might have about children's ministry. They will post in the "Forum" section on the main page so other CM people can share their thoughts and experiences with you! There is also room for you to post your own blog entries so you can share your thoughts and experiences with others . . . this is all about "connecting" and "encouraging" others in CM!

Okay, so you've signed up and designed your own personal profile page, now take a moment to check the main page and start discovering how you can "connect" with children's ministry people around the world! Take a moment to add yourself to the Member Map . . . don't forget to see who else from your area is on CM Connect and then "friend" them . . .  after all, CM Connect is all about "connecting" with others in children's ministry!

As you scroll down the main page you'll see "Blog Posts" - take some time to read them . . . you'll find this to be an excellent source of information, ideas and resources. You'll also see the "Forum" and "Chat" boxes. There are many things in this world which claim they will help you "connect" with others, but CM Connect really does it! You can actually talk with others in Children's Ministry through the "chat" and share your joys, challenges, experiences, questions, frustrations and prayer requests and others who share your passion for children's ministry really will and do connect back with you! This is where the "encouraging" part really comes through!

There is so much more you can do with CM Connect . . . just take a look around the main page and spend some time exploring. You'll find - as I did - joining CM Connect is one of the best things you ever did when it comes to children's ministry because the more connected you are to others who are also serving in children's ministry, the more effective you will be! We aren't alone! We can "connect" with others and when we do, we will be encouraged!

Next week I'll be sharing some of the exciting new features on CM Connect, so please sign up today or over the weekend and check back to find out what is new on CM Connect!

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