Monday, June 2, 2014

14 Ways to "Blow" Your Children's Ministry - Be Negative

As we continue to look at ways "we can keep from 'blowing' our children's ministry", today let's think about, "Being Negative".

When a couple always points out the other's weaknesses their marriage has taken a turn to the negative. In children's ministry we too, tend to take a turn to the negative when we are critical of families, volunteers and other ministries in the community. This is definitely a way to "blow" our children's ministry. So, to keep your ministry from being negative, consider the following . . . 
  • Be aware of what you are saying and strive to be as positive as possible. Even if you need to address an issue, do it in as positive a way as possible.
  • Do NOT EVER gossip. Period. Have a zero tolerance for gossip - whenever you hear it, put a stop to it and Do NOT EVER gossip. Period. Along this line, do not "excuse" your own gossip as it being, "part of your job" to listen to the complaints others have about people who are not present to give you their perspective of the situation. It is NOT your job to do this. Do NOT gossip, EVER. Period.
  • Do not criticize what other churches are doing. If your ministry is doing something else, rejoice in what you are doing and thank God for the ministry other churches have.
  • Make a point of looking for the positive, trying to point it out and draw attention to it whenever you can.
These are just a few really simple, but big ways you can keep your ministry positive and when you do this, you will not "blow" your children's ministry!

So, what do you do if you have been negative? For a "do-over", apologize, make things right and focus on being positive! Remember, none of us are perfect - God created us with differences and focus on the positive whenever and wherever you can!

The "bonus" if you do these this is you will find your children's ministry is a positive place where parents want their children to be and one where kids want to be as well!

What do you do to keep your ministry positive?

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