Wednesday, June 4, 2014

14 Ways to "Blow" Your Children's Ministry . . . Be Lazy

Cartoon Tired DogAs we think about another way to "blow" our children's ministries today, lets think for a minute about how being lazy will damage, or "blow", our children's ministry.

In the article on marriage, the author said to stop "yelling". He said this wasn't the type of yelling which is angry or abusive, but the yelling where you "yell" from one room to another because you are too lazy to get up and go get or find something for yourself. So, how are we "lazy" in our children's ministries? Consider these ways . . .
  • We are "lazy" when we do not spend the time we need to in God's Word and prayer.
  • We are "lazy" when we do not plan and present regular training for our volunteers.
  • We are "lazy" when we do not take the time to notice and remember special days and times in our volunteer's lives.
  • We are "lazy" when we do not keep the church leadership "current" with the things which are happening in our children's ministries.
  • We are "lazy" when we do not have regular parent's meetings and make it a priority to communicate with them.
  • We are "lazy" when we do not take the time to get to know the children in our ministries - learn their names, ask for and listen to prayer requests, pray with them and watch for children who may be in need of help.
There are certainly more ways we can be "lazy" in our children's ministries and whenever we are "lazy" it will "blow" our children's ministries.

So, what do you do if you have been "lazy" - clearly this is an easy, "do-over" . . . we stop being lazy. Spend the time you need in building your relationship with God, your church leaders, volunteers, parents and children. Don't be lazy.

And, the benefit when you stop being "lazy" . . . it is obvious. You will build your relationships and build a stronger ministry, which will be significantly more effective! 

What do you do to keep from being "lazy"?

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