Monday, June 30, 2014

Anything - Love = Nothing!

Do you ever listen to sermons from pastors at churches you do not attend? I'd like to share a sermon by Dr. Jim Samra on I Corinthians 13 - Think. Love. Live. Love Never Ends with you. Take 33 minutes and seven seconds to listen to this sermon . . . you will be so glad you did!

There! Did you listen to it? If not, please do!

Okay, now, a few thoughts . . . 
  • Do you do what you do in cm with love, or are you just being a cymbal - just making noise?
  • No matter what we do if it is without love, it is nothing . . . even if the world tells us we are amazing.
  • Love is absolutely essential!
  • Anything - love = nothing!
  • There is a way to do acts of love, without love . . . so what is love?
  • What love is like . . . love is patient . . . love is kind . . . love is patient kindness or kindness which never quits or gives up! Seek other's interest above our own!
  • Continuing kindness which goes on and on and on - gives without expecting to get anything back like God gives to us - this is what we give to others
  • Love in relation to ourselves . . . does not envy, it is content . . . does not boast . . . is not proud . . . is not rude, does not draw attention to themselves . . . is not self-seeking . . . love is not about me!
  • Love orients itself around other people
  • Love in relation to others . . . love is not easily angered . . . love is the choice not to become angry with others . . . love keeps no record of wrongs . . . love is a choice to throw those files away!!! . . . love does not rejoice when others stumble
  • Love chooses to live in the present and not in the past
  • Love does not ignore sin or call right wrong, but love rejoices in the truth God confronts us with the truth and love rejoices in God's grace. God is Good and none of us are!
  • Love in relation to God . . . love bears all things, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres  - love is the choice to still bless God in the midst of our difficulties when we do not see or understand, the choice to say God is Good, God is Faithful! Never give up believing!
  • Love is a decision! 
  • Love never fails, love wins, because love is the only thing which will last!
  • Love is what will last forever because God is Love!
When we love like I Corinthians shows, we are being who God wants us to be . . . Christ-like! To be like Christ is to love. Remember anything - love = nothing, so in children's ministry remember . . . 
  • The thing which matters the most and which will last is love
  • We need to do what we do because of love and with love, for no other reason
What will you do today and this week because of and with love?

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