Saturday, June 28, 2014

"He is Jesus!"

Thursday night at a special meeting at my church for the Sunday children's ministry
volunteers, the Children's Pastor at my church prayed for my family; in particular my son's family because my daughter-in-law is in the hospital. When I told my grandsons Pastor Joel prayed for them, Josiah's eyes got big and he had the biggest smile on his face (he is close to turning six) and Caleb (almost three) smiled. I knew Josiah knew who Pastor Joel is, but was not sure about Caleb, so I asked him if he knew who he is. Caleb answered; "He is Jesus!" 

While, of course, Pastor Joel is not, "Jesus" he does reflect the love of Jesus to the children at our church; so much so, my almost three-year old grandson - who actually goes to another church on Sundays, but to my church on Wednesdays, is able to see Jesus in him!

This got me to thinking . . . how do the children at our churches see us? Do they see Jesus in us? I'm the third hour Team Leader for the Kindergarten and First Grade at my church and as I think about these teachers I am certain the children in these classes see Jesus in their teachers! This is how it should be . . . in John 3:30, John the Baptist said; "He must become greater; I must become less." This is true for us as well.

So, how does Jesus become, "greater" in our lives and ministries while we become, "less"? Clearly this is an on-going, day-by-day process as we submit to Jesus and choose to put Him and what He wants before ourselves and what we want. I think of Mr. Rick - one of the First Grade teachers I mentioned, and how he is so patient, soft-spoken and always has a smile on his face! The children in his class love him and he loves them! They definitely see Jesus in Mr. Rick! I think of Miss Mary; an elderly lady who was always in so much pain she walked extremely slowly, but taught for years. She was soft-spoken and Jesus' love just shined on her face! The Kindergartners in her class absolutely saw Jesus in her!

So, as you go through this week-end with all it's busyness and all the things which have to be done; take time to be sure the children around you see Jesus in you!

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