Sunday, July 20, 2014

Are Your Volunteers "Invisible"? Make them "Visible" - Check these posts on CM Buzz!

Make Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers Visible! Children\s Ministry Youth
In addition to writing About the Children's Department I also am one of the writers for CM Buzz. A couple years ago I wrote about invisible and visible volunteers. You can still find these posts - just follow these links . . . Make Your Children's Ministry Volunteers "Visible"! and . . . 'Are your children’s ministry volunteers "invisible”

"Catchy" titles? Well, in these posts, I ask, in the eyes of the rest of your church, are your volunteers invisible? Do the people in your church know who they are? In far too many churches the children’s ministry volunteers are 'invisible'. People do not know who they are or what they do.' I then shared some of the problems we experience when our volunteers are 'invisible' and a few ideas of ways to help your children’s ministry volunteers be 'visible'!" 

What do you do to make your children's ministry volunteers "visible"?

While you are at CM Buzz, take a look around! You'll find a wealth of resources, information and ideas which will help you as you serve in children's ministry!

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  1. Love these ideas! Our church campus has a facebook page and they post a "volunteer spotlight" for kid ministry and other ministries (including cleaning and behind the scenes stuff)! It gives everyone a chance to see what they do and also see the scope of the impact that volunteers can make!