Saturday, July 26, 2014

Make Your Children's Ministry a "Church Politics Free" Zone

We need to be resolute in not allowing "politics" to have any place in our children's ministries, because when people start exerting their "political" "power" or start giving in to "politics", ministry is always damaged and people are always hurt. Consider the following ways "politics" might be showing up in your ministry . . .
  • When you have "ruling" families (families who are in the power positions at your church and who get to say what does, and what does not happen)
  • When you have a vision or focus for your ministry, but people complain and you end up letting them "re-direct" and "side-track" the ministry
  • When you have the idea everyone has a "piece of the puzzle" and they all have to be able to have equal say in what happens in your ministry - what if their "piece of the puzzle" is for a different puzzle?
  • When ministry does not happen to satisfy the most vocal
  • When the most vocal know all they have to do is to continue to complain and they will get their way
These are just a few ways "politics" shows up in your ministry. In my experience, whenever "politics" has a place in a children's ministry, effectiveness suffers and people are hurt; even eventually those who "benefitted" from the "political" decisions end up being hurt as they are not challenged to make better choices, and become people who learn they can "flex" their "political" muscles to get what they want.

So, even though it can be difficult, do not give in to "politics". Make your ministry a "politics-free" zone where ministry decisions are made based on what will be the most effective and then challenge others to keep this focus in mind and work together to see ministry be effective!

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