Saturday, July 12, 2014

Manners and Children's Ministry

header imageWhen we serve in children's ministry we are dealing with people all the time . . . young and old. It is essential for us to show good manners in the way we interact with others . . . I'm so thankful for my friend Maralee McKee, the Manners Mentor. She knows how to help us, "discover the manners which matter today: simple, savvy, sincere skills which help you become your best self!"

I encourage you to check her blog for specific answers to your every day encounters and her facebook page for tips to help you as you interact with others. For example, look at her tip for saying "No" . . . "When an acquaintance or friend says, 'No' to an invitation or request it's a matter of respect to accept their answer without hesitation or question. Asking, 'Why not' can make them feel guilty or like they're being interrogated. When someone says, 'No', you can answer, 'Perhaps another time. You're always welcome to join us!' Or, 'Maybe next time. We can always use extra hands!'" 

Keep this advice in mind when recruiting . . . if a person says, "No", accept their answer. It is fine to leave the door open for them to reconsider another time, but graciously accept their answer without trying to "guilt" them into serving!  

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