Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Start Planning a Year of Volunteer Appreciation - Kick it Off With a Thank-You!

Summer is a busy time of year for families; which means it is often a busy time of year for
volunteers. Some churches are busy with ministry in the summer  while others have a less busy schedule. However; regardless of your schedule and how busy you are, Summer is the perfect time to think about what you will do throughout the new school year to show appreciation to your volunteers!

Since most of our volunteers serve throughout the school year - some all year, it is appropriate to think about how we can show our appreciation all year! Consider some of the following ideas for thanking volunteers as the new school year begins . . . 
  • "You Were Mint to Teach" - put this tag (find a free printable for it at this link) on a box of mints and give to each teacher at the beginning of the year!
  • I like this idea of "Thank You Kisses" and think any small container would work well! You'll find the specifics at this link - it would make a fun, and tasty, way to start the year with appreciation!
  • Last year we began our year by having our Children's Pastor and his wife personally hand each volunteer an apple (you'll find the specifics at this link). This is easy to do and made a big impression on our volunteers!
These are just three ideas to get you thinking. What have you done in the past to kick off your school year by thanking your volunteers?

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