Sunday, July 6, 2014

Start Planning a Year of Volunteer Appreciation - Think About Holidays . . . Valentine's Day!

There are a couple things about Valentine's Day which make it an ideal opportunity to stop and appreciate your volunteers. The first is because it is a day to show your love for others . . . certainly we love our volunteers! The second is because you can easily find lots and lots of heart-shaped items, making it so easy to put together something to thank your volunteers! Check these ideas . . . 
  • Use the tags you find at this link to put with specific candy for a sweet treat to brighten your volunteer's day!
  • Use heart-shaped candy, add a note from your own heart and give to your teachers
  • I like these heart-shaped candy "flowers" you can make and then give to your teachers!
These are just a few ideas, but when you have heart shaped candies, you just need to add a note and you have the perfect gift to brighten your volunteer's day!

What do you do to thank your volunteers at Valentine's Day?

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