Saturday, July 19, 2014

Surf's Up - A Must-Read Resource from the Web - Soul Crossing

For a number of years Bruce Kalish was the senior pastor at the church I belonged to.
Bruce has a definite gift for making Scripture clear and understandable and I appreciated how he taught with a quiet grace which made learning from him a true gift!

Bruce is now the chaplain at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, but I still get the opportunity from time to time to learn from him through his blog, Soul Crossing. Bruce had this to say about it; "I have debated for a long time about blogging. Writing, any writing, is difficult for me. It is excruciatingly personal and often painful. Yet, I am compelled to write. Not because I have something novel or even important to express. But, because writing requires me to slow down and give attention to being instead of doing and I need that regular exercise of my soul. I have chosen to explore themes of soul development, spiritual formation & following Jesus. I have been following Jesus for more than a half-century now. I am weary of labels and programs and media-drunk slick (does that word require the “l”?) Christianity. I long to become simply, basically, merely Christian (Yes, source those adverbs and you will find my mentors). I want to let the shadow of Christ’s love displayed at Golgotha fall across my soul, and thereby my world. This soul crossing is what I will write about. Not every day. But I will commit to blogging every week. I pledge reflective, contemplative, raw honesty as best I am able. I hope my soul crossing will help you simply follow Jesus; merely cross your soul."

Take time to visit Soul Crossing as you, "simply follow Jesus" as well; you'll be so glad you did!

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