Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Take Time to Spend Time - Isaiah 25 - God ALWAYS Does What He Says He Will Do!

For the past two days I've been talking about taking time to spend time with God - even though we are busy this time of year with Summer ministry and getting ready for the Fall. I have also been sharing passages from Isaiah which have been speaking to me over the Summer; so today, I'm happy to share another one; this time it is Isaiah 25 . . . 
Isaiah 25:1-9 – “1 Lord, you are my God. I honor you and praise you, because you have done amazing things. You have always done what you said you would do; you have done what you planned long ago. 4 You protect the poor; you protect the helpless when they are in danger.  You are like a shelter from storms, like shade that protects them from the heat. The cruel people attack like a rainstorm beating against the wall, 5 like the heat in the desert. But you, God, stop their violent attack. As a cloud cools a hot day, you silence the songs of those who have no mercy. 6 The Lord All-Powerful will prepare a feast on this mountain for all people. It will be a feast with all the best food and wine, the finest meat and wine. 7 On this mountain God will destroy the veil that covers all nations, the veil that stretches over all peoples; 8 he will destroy death forever. The Lord God will wipe away every tear from every face. He will take away the shame of his people from the earth.  The Lord has spoken. 9 At that time people will say, ‘Our God is doing this! We have waited for him, and he has come to save us. This is the Lord. We waited for him, so we will rejoice and be happy when he saves us.’” (NCV)
I LOVE this passage! God has done amazing things and He ALWAYS does what He says He will do!!! Aren't we so thankful for this!!! God protects us and is our shelter from the storms we face!!! Aren't we so thankful for this!!!! The day will come when God destroys death and will wipe away all our tears!!! And, aren't we so thankful for this!!!! "Our God is doing this! We have waited for Him, and He has come to save us! This is the Lord. We waited for Him, so we will rejoice and be happy when He saves us!"

If you would like to take time to pray this passage back to God, consider this prayer . . .
Dear God, on this day I want to proclaim You, LORD, are my God! I will honor and praise You because You have done amazing things and praise You because You always do what You say You will do! You, God, are amazing because You protect the poor and the helpless when they are in danger. I thank You because You are my shelter in the storm and are like the shade which protects from the heat. I am encouraged to know You silence those who have no mercy. You LORD All-Powerful, will destroy death forever and will lead me in an amazing celebration! I rejoice to know one day You will wipe all tears from my face and I will say, “My God is doing this! I have waited for Him and He is come to save me. This is the Lord. I waited for Him, so I will rejoice and be happy when You save me!” Thank You! Amen!
As you go through your day, the rest of this week and the rest of the Summer; keep in mind this awesome promise . . . God ALWAYS does what He says He will do!

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