Friday, August 1, 2014

Do Not Fall For Satan's Old Tricks!

One thing about serving in children's ministry which is pretty sad is how easy it is for us to
be tricked by Satan. Yes, I said it is easy. The thing about Satan is, he is not very creative. He uses the same old tricks, but we often continue to fall for them. Consider the following . . .
  • We know God wants us to do something in our children's ministry. We are excited and start working on it, but then we feel stressed and end up at the least being distracted and at the worst, we stop doing what it was we knew God wanted us to do.
  • I wrote last year about burn-out; I do believe it is one of Satan's old tricks which we continue to fall for.
Why do we continue to fall for these old tricks of Satan? We do not have to. God is big enough to help us do whatever it is He wants us to do; so if we believe God wants us to do something in our children's ministry, we need to keep the focus on what it is He wants us to do and trust Him to give us what we need to do it! We definitely need to choose to not be side-tracked or derailed by stress!

I have been experiencing this for the past two months. I have been hired by my church to consult, coordinate, edit and write Sunday curriculum for them. This is going to be an amazing project and will allow our ministry to be much more effective. But, as the summer began family health issues meant I needed to take care of my three young grandsons. With my MS flaring, this could have - and should have left me flat on my back in bed, but instead God gave me everything I needed to do everything I needed to do! He reminded me His perfect peace is available for me if I focus on Him and trust Him! Deadlines which could have caused stress, did not. Instead, in spite of a very busy summer, the project brought joy and energized me!

God is big enough to help us do whatever it is He wants us to do. This is the truth. Don't let Satan's old trick of stress side-track or derail what you know God wants you to do!

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