Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Heartbreaking News - Please Pray & Pay Attention

This morning my heart breaks. Last night the local news told about a twelve year old boy who stabbed and killed a nine year old boy he did not even know at their neighborhood playground. The twelve year old boy called the police after he stabbed the other boy and said nobody loved him and he wanted to die.

Today please pray for the family of the nine year old boy; their loved son was just playing at their neighborhood playground. Please pray for them as they deal with this horrible loss; my heart breaks for them.

Please pray for the twelve year old; he took an overdose of pills before he stabbed the nine year old. For a twelve year old boy to be at a place where he does not want to live because he is convinced no one loves him also breaks my heart.

Please pay attention to the children in your church and who God brings you into contact with. While, thankfully, most children who feel unloved will not go out and stab other children on the playground, there are children around us who do not feel loved. Pay attention. Share God's love and your love with children; and pray for this family and this boy.

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