Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Stop Fear in Your Children's Ministry!

Yesterday I wrote about how fear can "stifle" your children's ministry. I said; "Children's
Ministry can be one of the most joy-filled places to serve in a church; after all, what can possibly be more joy-full than listening to children sing praises to God, or hear children pray, or hear children talk about how much God loves them and they love Him?! But, it can also be an area where we serve with 'fear'. While we may not say we are serving with 'fear', we may actually be doing so." I went on to give some ideas of how this looks in our children's ministries - you'll find the full post at this link.

Today I want to consider a couple ways we can take definite steps to be sure we do not let "fear" rule in our children's ministries. Consider the following . . .
  • When we fail to try or do new things in our ministry because of how something didn't work out when we did it in the past, we are letting "fear" rule in our ministry. While things may turn out again as they have in the past, we do not know this is what will happen again for sure. We can not let past performance determine what and how we do things now, so bathe all possibilities for ministry in prayer and then step out and do what God is laying on your heart - entrust the results to Him while you are being faithful to do what God wants you to do.
  • When we do not approach people and talk about differences. How often do we continue to "serve" alongside people we do not really engage because of a difference of opinion? How often do we allow these differences to divide us? It is fear which keeps us from sitting down and working things out with honesty, grace and love, so, don't give in to this fear; again, bathe the situation in prayer then sit down and work things out with honesty, grace and love.
These are just a couple ways fear can show up in your ministry and how to take steps to be sure you do not let fear rule in your children's ministry. Remember, God id not give us a spirit of fear . . . instead serve with power, love and a sound mind!

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