Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thank Your Volunteers on Thanksgiving

A couple days ago I wrote about starting the new school year "write" by thanking your
volunteers. Today I want to, "move along" through the year and stop at Thanksgiving . . . which gives us another perfect opportunity to thank those who give of themselves and their time to serve in our children's ministries. 

I found a link for a free printable which would be perfect on any item you chose to give your volunteers - this tag says, "Thanks for Giving" . . . what could be better?! (You'll find the tag at this link.)

You could put this tag on pretty much anything -
  • Home-baked pumpkin bread!
  • Mini Pumpkin pies!
  • Pumpkin muffins
  • Pumpkin scented candle
  • Mini Apple Pies (my grandson decided he wanted to give apple pies to his Wednesday night teachers at the end of the last school year, so we made mini pies and his teachers were EXTREMELY happy to receive them!!!)
Of course these are just a few ideas of what you could give . . . you could attach this cute tag to pretty much anything and in so doing, brighten the day of your volunteers and remind them how thankful you are for them!

Have you given your volunteers a Thanksgiving thank-you before?

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