Monday, August 4, 2014

The "Antidote" for Stress!

The other day I wrote about not falling for Satan's old tricks - and wrote about how stress is one of Satan's old tricks which we are tricked by. I said, "We know God wants us to do something in our children's ministry. We are excited and start working on it, but then we feel stressed and end up at the least being distracted and at the worst, we stop doing what it was we knew God wanted us to do. God is big enough to help us do whatever it is He wants us to do. This is the truth. Don't let Satan's old trick of stress side-track or derail what you know God wants you to do!"

Today I want to share an "antidote" for stress . . . at least for myself I've found focusing on the truth keeps me from being side-tracked or derailed by stress. The truth is, God is big enough to help us do whatever it is He wants us to do! When I keep my mind and focus on God, He gives me perfect peace and joy! This joy is at the core of children's ministry because what could possibly be better than working to help children trust and follow Jesus for the rest of their lives?!!!

Serving in children's ministry is exciting! It is fun! It is definitely not boring! And, it is a great source for joy! These things are the truth! Keep the truth front and center. Focus on God and what He has called you to do and the truth about how He will give us what we need to do what He wants us to do, and you will have found the antidote for stress!

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