Saturday, September 27, 2014

Be Intentional about Being Thankful - Have a Thankfulness Walk!

Last week I mentioned being intentional about being thankful to God. We are quick to pray and ask for help, ask for volunteers, ask for many things we need and want, but how quick are we to voice our thanks? How much time comparatively do we spend in asking God for things and thanking Him for His many blessings?

I have recently been giving thought to being thankful. I think far too often we sound like greedy, selfish children. We are quick to ask God for things, but do not spend much, if any, time thanking God. Just think for a moment of all God's many blessings which you have enjoyed this past week . . .
  • Life
  • God's love
  • God's grace
  • Volunteers who are serving in our ministries
  • Answers to personal prayers
I'm sure your list could go on and on, but how many of these have you intentionally spent time thanking God for - more than a passing thank-you?

I wrote last Summer about planning a Prayer Walk in your ministry - perhaps now your Fall ministry has begun, it is time to plan a Thanksgiving Walk. Post specific answers to prayer in each area of your ministry and invite people in your church to walk through your children's ministry and spend time thanking God for the many ways He is answering prayer and blessing your ministry. End with a time of worship and corporate thanksgiving for an evening focused on being thankful!

This is just one way you can be intentional about thanking God for His many blessings - I'll  write about another in a day or two. What do you do to intentionally thank God?

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