Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kick-Off the New School Year with Training!

This past week has been busy - last Wednesday night and Saturday morning I taught a
training for everyone at my church who serves with children and special needs. The volunteers were able to choose if they wanted to attend the training on Wednesday or Saturday, but they needed to choose one. The training was on engaging children and I had volunteers playing games, doing object lessons, talking with the others at their tables, generally engaging them throughout the forty-five minute training. We had 300+ people attend between Wednesday and Saturday and the feed-back has been very positive!

This training has been a great way to start the new School year of ministry to children at my church. All the volunteers were able to see others who volunteer as they do, talk, meet new people, eat (we fed everyone supper on Wednesday and Breakfast on Saturday), and be engaged in an active training. We have an enthusiasm and excitement and the training helped get everyone on the same page!

It may take work to plan a special training, but doing so before your Fall ministries begin is absolutely worth it! What do you do to train your volunteers or get them on the same page to kick-off your Fall ministries?

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