Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Top Fourteen Tips for Effective Children's Ministry - Tip #1 - Make Prayer the Priority!

For the past two weeks, I've been sharing some of the things I've learned in and about children's ministry and I'm ending up today where I began; with prayer!

As I said before, this is a, "no-brainer", but I can not stress strongly enough how absolutely essential it is for us to be people who are serious about prayer. If we really want our ministry to be effective we have to surround everything we do with prayer.

Why do we do this you may wonder? Consider the following -
  • We are in a battle; prayer is not only part of our armor, it is our strong defense!
  • We need to pray to seek the mind of God and pray for unity.
  • We need to ask God to help us implement whatever we are doing with His strength and for His glory.
  • We need to be thankful people who spend as much time thanking God as we do to ask for His help
These are just a few reasons we need to surround all we do with prayer; there certainly are more. Remember, whatever we do in our strength will be fleeting at best. Turn to God and seek His will and His strength to do whatever you do in your children's ministry because it really is not, "your" children's ministry . . . it is His.

How do you make prayer the priority of your children's ministry?

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