Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tip to Help Teachers Prepare and Teach More Effectively - Give Them Postie Notes!

It can be a challenge to get our teachers to prepare for their classes. It isn't that they are
lazy or "bad" teachers; they, like us, have busy lives. They may forget to sit down and plan out their lesson until Saturday night - or horrors - on their way to church Sunday morning!

However, there is a simple and inexpensive way you can help them prepare for their lesson a week ahead of time . . . and be ready to tell how God made the lesson real in their own lives! How, you ask, can we do this amazing feat??? Check this idea . . . 

Give each teacher a postie note pad and ask them to set aside just fifteen minutes on Sunday between when they get home from church and when they go to bed. During this fifteen minutes ask them to look at their lesson for the next Sunday and do the following five things . . . 
  • Read the Bible passage.
  • Read the Bible passage again.
  • Look over the activity options.
  • Write the Bible point on a postie note and put it where they will see it over the next few days.
  • Read the Bible passage once more.
Tell them to then put their teacher book away and whenever they see the Bible point, they are to pray and ask God to make it real in their lives and pray for the children in their class as God brings them to mind. In three or four days, they are to sit down and open their teacher book and plan out their lesson. If they took the fifteen minutes on Sunday to do these five things, they will find they are ready to put their lesson together!

Ask them to share with their class how God made the bible point real in their life as they prepared the lesson - and give children a chance to share how God made the previous week's lesson real in their life in the past week as well!

God wants His Word to be real in our lives, the lives of our teachers, and in the lives of the children! Try this tip and see if it helps!

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  1. Great idea, Lynda. This will be my encouragement for teachers this month!