Monday, September 1, 2014

Training and New Curriculum!

This is a busy week for me . . . I'm teaching two teacher training events at my church and
we are launching the first quarter of the new Sunday School curriculum I'm writing for my church . . . yes, a busy week! Of course it has been a busy three months with planning for the training events and writing curriculum, but this week is when all of the work shows its results.

The training is about engaging children - there will lots of interaction with object lessons and activity for the teachers to participate in throughout the training. We gave the teachers their choice of two times to attend and asked all of them to attend - so far it looks like we will have around 230+ between the two dates. Training is a great way to start a new school year!

The curriculum is unique - it has a five year scope. Yes, I said, five year! My church wrote their mid-week curriculum and it has a five-year scope as each year children memorize a chapter in the Book of James. So, we decided to match our mid-week scope so children learn more about the Bible lesson on Sunday. We are giving it a unified scope so all the children preschool through fourth grade, and special needs, all learn the same lesson the same week. This makes it family friendly and gives it a strong focus on being intentional about helping children remember, understand and live what they learn at church.

So, what are you doing at your church this year? Are you planning any special training? How are you making your curriculum, "family friendly"?

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