Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Make a Real Difference - Save a Child from Ebola for Just $3!

Yesterday, Michael Chanley - the founder of CM Connect - posted some amazing information about ebola and how we can make a real difference by saving the lives of children in Liberia for just $3! How is this possible, you ask? Read this post and then I am challenging everyone who reads About the Children's Department, to go and donate $3 and save a child - of course if you want to donate more, feel free to do so!

Michael Chanley with  Tony and Beth Weedor
Let's do something about it.

Last week, our Lead Team helped us develop some content and conversation about the Ebola Crises. Some of this content has been included at the bottom of this email.
If you are like me, your heart is aching about the children being orphaned and the communities being destroyed by this epidemic. Now, I'm excited to announce, we can do something to help!
My friend, Tony Weedor, a missionary / pastor from Liberia serving with our friends at ANM, has put together a program to help serve the churches in Liberia. Tony is one of the people we have committed to serve through CMConnect Global and, God willing, he will be joining us at the Children's Ministry Conference we are hosting in April 2015.
Our team at CMConnect Global is very honored to stand beside Tony and to serve on his behalf. He is working to get detergents for washing, oil for cooking and rice for feeding to families in the region afflicted by Ebola. Leveraging our friendship with him, and ANM, we asked them to help us connect with any children's ministry leaders in the region. Tony knows the community very well and was able to find leaders for us to serve. We are now working to serve two pastors in Liberia and they are working to feed over 600 children and to keep them safe from this disease.

We are making a simple request:

Your gift, less than a latte at Starbucks, will provide rice, oil and detergent for a child... enough to cover the next four to six weeks!
This is, hopefully, enough time for children to stay isolated until the epidemic has passed over. Will you help us stand with these children's ministers in Liberia?
Please join us in prayerful support of this project. Please consider taking up a donation in your church service this weekend; or, consider making a personal donation by clicking the "Donate" button...
CMConnect Global Staff with Bo Barredo and Tony Weedor of ANM
We can stand together and help under-resourced children's workers in Liberia today! 
Thank you for your consideration and prayers.
Michael Chanley
President and Executive Director of CMConnect Global
Founder of

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