Saturday, October 18, 2014

Three Keys to Identifying a "Positive" "Wake"

I've been writing this week about what you have in your "wake" at your children's ministry. I said, "We are truly responsible for the people serving in our children's ministries; responsible to help them serve with joy and to be sure we do not harm them.I also shared three warning signs to be watching for so we do not leave a trail of hurt people in our "wake".

It truly does matter what we do and say with and to those God sends to serve in our children's ministries, so to help us not only identify if we are leaving people who have been encouraged, supported and who are filled with joy in our "wake", but to also help us know what to do to have this type of impact, consider these three "keys" . . . 
  • Be absolutely committed to supporting your volunteers with prayer. If we are not supporting our volunteers with prayer, we leave them, and our ministry, open to spiritual warfare. You can absolutely be certain if you are moving forward and have a positive ministry, there will be spiritual warfare. Satan does not want your ministry to be effective, so he will attack. Protect and support your volunteers with prayer - have people praying as a group and individually for each volunteer.
  • Have absolutely zero tolerance for gossip. Do NOT listen to it. Do Not gossip. Do not ignore it when you know others are gossiping. Have an absolute zero tolerance for gossip. Period.
  • Take the time to notice and thank your volunteers. They do not serve to be thanked, but it is appropriate to thank them for all they do to give of themselves and their time. Thank them in big and small ways and do it regularly. And, while you are at it, be sure to thank God, too!
There are so many more ways you can be sure your ministry is one which leaves volunteers who are encouraged, supported and filled with joy in your "wake", but these three are definitely essential to doing so.

What do you do to be sure your "wake" is one which has volunteers who are encouraged, supported and filled with joy?

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