Thursday, October 16, 2014

Three Warning Signs for "Hurt" Left in Your "Wake"

Yesterday I asked, "What are you leaving in your 'wake'?" and said, "We are responsible for the people God sends to serve in our ministries. We need to be sure we are encouraging them and helping them grow in their walk; not harming them. Sadly, in too many churches, volunteers are not encouraged and supported; they are used and abused leaving wounded Christians who do not want to serve again. We must be on guard we do not allow our ministries to be one which does this."

We are truly responsible for the people serving in our children's ministries; responsible to help them serve with joy and to be sure we do not harm them. I have served in ministries where serving truly was a joy (and where I serve now it definitely is a joy), but sadly, I have also served in ministries where the ego of those in leadership caused pain and actually left me determined to never serve again anywhere. Thankfully, God had other plans for me!

So, what are some warning signs we may be harming and not encouraging those God has sent to us to serve in our ministries? Consider the following . . . 
  • Do we have the attitude we can do ministry better than anyone else? I once had an associate pastor tell me he could not hire someone to direct the children's ministry because he wasn't going to entrust the children's ministry to, "some guy just out of college". He conveniently forgot how just a few short years earlier, he was, "some guy just out of college".
  • Do we allow just a few established families to determine what happens in our ministry, who can do it, and what it looks like? A big danger in small, generational churches is that of the "ruling families". These families can push a church to be effective, but often want things their way or no way and cause great damage as they wound many who want to serve.
  • Do we gossip? Gossip is a true evil from the hand of Satan and one which will hurt others - guaranteed. Do NOT gossip and have a zero-tolorance for gossip. Do not think it is okay for you to listen to it, thinking, "it is your job" - it is NOT your job to listen to gossip. Do not think it is okay for you to tell others gossip - it is NOT your job to pass on or worse, to start gossip. Do NOT gossip. Period.
These are just a few of the warning signs your ministry may be harming and not encouraging those God has sent to you. If you recognize any of these things in your ministry, take steps right now to stop them and eliminate them from your ministry.

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