Friday, October 3, 2014

When You Recruit Remember Why You Serve!

Why do you serve in children's ministry? What do you enjoy the most about serving? What is the most amazing thing which has happened while you served in children's ministry? What have you learned about God while serving? How have you come to know and walk with God more by serving? How has God worked in your life while you served in the children's ministry? When you recruit, don't forget to remember these things . . . and share them with others in your church!

Serving God by using the gifts, talents, abilities and experiences we each have brings a joy unlike anything else! Let the people in your church know what this looks like in your life because when you share the opportunity for them to serve, you are opening the door for them to experience these things in their own lives, too!

So, remember why you serve and recruit with confidence - you are NOT asking people to do something terrible. Quite the opposite! You are giving them the opportunity to do something which will impact their own lives in amazing ways!

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