Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Be Encouraged! God Sees & Remembers!

Serving in Children's Ministry can be one of the most joy-filled things you will ever do! Serving in Children's Ministry can be one of the most pain-filled things you will ever do. Both of these sentences are true. Serving can be joy-filled because you are able to use the gifts and abilities God has given you to help children learn of God's love and grace and how they can know and walk with Him for the rest of their lives! Definitely joy-filled! It can be joy-filled because you get the opportunity to serve with others who are giving their all to the Children's Ministry - some of the most wonderful people I've ever met serve in Children's Ministry!

It can also be pain-filled because far too often people give Satan a "foot-hold" by being negative, complaining, gossiping and insisting on having their way. Children's Ministry should not be a place where people end up hurt, but it is a place with a big, "target" on it because Satan does not want us to be effective in reaching children and helping them learn to know and walk with God. If he can side-track us or even better, derail us, he will do so and sadly, there are people who allow themselves to be used in this way.

So, if you are someone who is being negative, complaining, gossiping or insisting on having their way - stop it! Do not let Satan use you to side-track and derail ministry or to hurt others. If you are someone who has been hurt, check out Hebrews 6:10 -
God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. (NIV)
God is always fair. He will remember how you helped his people in the past and how you are still helping them. You belong to God, and he won’t forget the love you have shown his people. (CEV)
God is fair; he will not forget the work you did and the love you showed for him by helping his people. And he will remember that you are still helping them. (NCV)
So, this morning if you are experiencing the joy in serving; remember, God sees your service to Him and He remembers! Continue to serve with joy! If this morning you are experiencing the pain which sadly, can go with serving; remember, God sees your service to Him and He remembers! In my experience serving in Children's Ministry, 

I've had times where I was able to serve with great joy and times, sadly, where there was pain/hurt. However; I've been able to see how, even in the pain-filled times, God showed me He saw, He remembered and He was with me! And, it was not the "end". There were more times I have been able to serve with joy! So, if you are are experiencing the hurt which can come with serving, hold on! Keep your eyes on God and know for sure; He sees, He remembers and He is always fair!

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