Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Do You Handle Hurt & Disappointment?

Serving in Children's Ministry means you will experience a great deal of joy . . . what
could be more joy-full than telling children Jesus loves them and being able to see children respond and then go on to know and walk with Him?!!!

But, sadly, serving in Children's Ministry also means you will very possibly experience hurt and disappointment at one time or another. While all of the church has a big "target" on it, Satan especially does not want us to be successful in Children's Ministry, because when we are and children put their faith and trust in Jesus, Satan loses them for life. So, if he can side-track or even derail Children's Ministry by causing hurt, disappointment and strife, he certainly will.

Some people, unfortunately, make it easy for Satan to do this. They may have a big ego, want things to be their way or no way, or have a negative, complaining, gossiping spirit and are convenient "tools" for him to use to hurt, disappoint or get people to step down from serving in Children's Ministry. They may make decisions, or get others in leadership positions to make decisions which hurt, disappoint or which you can not go along with. 

So, what do we do when we find ourselves in a situation where others have made decisions which cause us to have to step back from serving in Children's Ministry? Consider the following . . . 
  • Pray. I know, this seems like a, "no-brainer", but prayer is the first thing you need to focus on. Ask God to show you what He wants you to do - stay or go. Pray.
  • Commit to not gossip, no matter what. Do not fall into the trap of responding in kind or of trying to get others, "on your side". If you have done what God wanted you to do, He is, "on your side" and it truly does not matter if one other person is or not.
  • Do not let yourself become bitter or angry; you are likely to be disappointed, but bitterness and anger will damage you. 
  • Forgive them.
  • Trust God. Read Proverbs 3:5,6 and look at His promise in Hebrews 6:10 - God does see and remember what you do to serve Him and others, believe Him!
  • Pray and wait - spend more time in prayer and then wait to see what God will do next.
It is difficult when something happens and the choices of others leave you having to make decisions about serving in Children's Ministry which you would rather not make. But, God may want you to step out of the area where you are serving for a time. He may not. But, regardless of what happens next, remember, God sees and He knows the truth! And, be absolutely resolute about not gossiping - no matter what because the bad decisions of others does not mean you have to respond in kind. Do what you know God wants you to do and then trust Him.

How have you handled hurt and disappointment in Children's Ministry?

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