Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Few Words About My 2015 VBS Reviews

I've received about half the VBS resources I will be reviewing this year and so far I'm really happy with what I see! As you read my VBS reviews for 2015, please keep the following in mind . . . 
  • While I do "rank" the VBS resources based on the content and components of each kit, it looks like once again this year it will be particularly difficult for me to do so, as the kits I reviewed so far are absolutely wonderful! This is great news for you . . . although it will make "placing" the VBS resources more difficult for me!
  • Each kit I include in my VBS review is Biblically sound. Period. If a resource is not Biblically sound, I do NOT include it in my review. All the resources have solid Bible content and all of them use the Bible.
  • While some of the VBS kits have the same settings, the publishers did a great job of developing their settings and provide a wealth of resources and ideas to help you decorate for your VBS.
  • The music for many of the VBS resources is truly excellent! Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity VBS provides you to pick up new music for use in your children's ministry - regardless of which VBS you use!
  • And, take advantage of the opportunity VBS provides you to pick up new craft books as these will give you ideas for activities you can use in your children's ministry all year long!
  • Please keep in mind your entire children's ministry year as you consider VBS kits . . . many of these would make excellent resources for you to use for your Summer Sundays, mid-week ministries and for special events for children and families all year long!
So, again, as you read my reviews, please do not think a VBS which "placed" 6th or 8th or 10th is not as worth your time as one which "placed" 1st or 2nd or 3rd! They look like they will all be such quality resources and you are sure to be very happy with whichever VBS kits you choose to use in your ministry!

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  1. Will you be including Science VBS: Elements of Trust in your reviews? Looking forward to this.