Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Sticky" VBS Bible Lessons - What Makes a Lesson, "Stick"?

During Vacation Bible School . . . churches which plan a VBS for their summer ministry - or other time of the year - know their kids will be engaged in activities, games, crafts, mission/service projects, music and snacks; but the most important part of VBS is the Bible teaching. So . . . what should we be looking for when we look at the Bible lessons in a VBS resource? Consider the following absolute essentials -
  • Biblically sound. Make absolutely sure the Bible lessons are true to God's Word.
  • Bible content - it is easy for "Bible" lessons to only "refer" to the Bible and be more of a Bible "story". Look for actual Bible content in the lessons.
  • Lessons which engage the children - if you have the children "sit" while the "teacher" "teachers" - i.e. lectures - the children are much more likely to have their minds wander and end up missing the point of the Bible lessons. Look for lessons which involve the children in the teaching of the Bible lesson. Remember - children have to remember the Bible lesson before they will understand it. They have to understand it before they will live it. They have to live it before they will have changed lives. Head knowledge is NOT the goal of teaching children the Bible. Changed lives is the goal; so if we want to see changed lives, we need children to live God's Word because they understand and remember it! Look for lessons which engage and involve the children! Look for Bible lessons which are "sticky"! This is VERY important!
  • Lessons which are written with specific and clear ways for children to take what they learned out the doors of the church to live it in their everyday lives, every day! Look for "live it" activities which follow the teaching of each and every lesson. Specific things kids can go and do to help them continue to think about what they learned and do something to show they understood it and are making the choice to live it!
These are the absolute essentials - in my opinion - when it comes to Bible lessons for VBS  . . . and for any opportunity to teach children. We want God's Word to "stick" so as you begin to evaluate VBS for 2015, please keep these things in mind. If the VBS you choose does not have these components to the Bible lesson portion - add them!

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