Tuesday, December 16, 2014

VBS 2015 - Nine Kits Have Arrived!

My VBS reviews for 2015 are coming right along . . . so far I've reviewed -
  • To the Edge from Regular Baptist Press
  • Camp Discovery from Concordia
  • Journey Off the Map from LifeWay
  • Everest from Group
  • Cross Culture VBS Thailand Trek from Group
  • BASIC Elements from the Science VBS
  • What's in the Bible from Jelly One
  • Bible Blast to the Past from Standard Publishing
I received G Force from Cokesbury yesterday and will be reviewing it today. I'm still waiting for the following VBS resources to arrive -
  • SonSpark Labs from Gospel Light
  • Camp Kilimanjaro from Answers in Genesis
  • Hometown Nazareth from Group
  • Outback Rock from Group
  • Builder's Quest from NextGen4Christ
  • Move from Orange
So far my reviews leave me thinking Summer 2015 will be filled with wonderful opportunities to share Jesus with children and challenge them to know and walk with Him! The VBS 2015 resources I've reviewed so far are excellent!

I'll start releasing my reviews on January 5, 2015!


  1. Linda... given your experience and many years of reviews, I wonder if you could shed some quick light on Group's 2015 programs and G-Force? Our church swears they have to have Group curriculum every year because of the ease and use. I have reviewed the other programs and see that they for the most part have adapted the same overall style of teaching program as well. I want to take advantage of Cokesbury's offer 50% offer. Any feedback or guidance would be appreciated. perezpatty77@gmail.com THANKS!

    1. Hello Patty

      For a long time Group had a unique format and style to it's vbs which was significantly different from other publishers; however; at this point, you are correct. Most of the publisher have vbs resources which are very similar. Cokesbury has an excellent VBS this year - they have a science station with projects from Steve Spangler - I am completely impressed! Their director's book has most of the info you need - no special needs info this year and no info on safety, so if you use them, you will need to find this elsewhere. Their Bible station gives you a drama each day for presenting the lesson or a teacher taught option - I like the teacher taught option better as it tends to engage the children more, but neither do so as much as Group does. It would not be hard to boost it a bit - if you are used to Group, you should know how to do this. Their opening and close use dramas - it would be really easy to boost the excitement and enthusiasm by adding a science project which you did not use in the science station each day to give your opening/close a bit of "wow" like Group does. I really like the focus of Cokesbury on serving - your community and world - Group does not tend to have a focus on serving your community. So - there are things about Group which they do better - it is easy to add these things to Cokesbury. There are things about Cokesbury which they do better. Hope this helps :-) My full reviews will be out in January (if you need more info email me at lyndafreemanatcd@gmail.com - I'd be happy to "talk" to you and any of the people at your church if you think it will help. :-)

  2. I am anxiously waiting to read your review of Journey Off the Map.. I am sure this is what our director will pick out for our vbs.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com