Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Vacation Bible School Reviews Begin Tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow is the day I begin to release my VBS reviews for 2015 and my side-by-side comparison chart. It will be a busy three weeks!

If you are wondering which VBS resources I'm reviewing this year, I'm going to list them here - please keep in mind, this DOES NOT necessarily reflect the order of my Top Ten. You will find VBS reviews over the coming three weeks for the following resources -
  • Camp Discovery from Concordia!
  • Journey off the Map from LifeWay!
  • Thailand Trek from Group Publishing!
  • Everest from Group Publishing 
  • Hometown Nazareth from Group Publishing
  • Outback Rock from Group Publishing
  • G-Force from Cokesbury!
  • Camp Kilimanjaro from Answers in Genesis
  • SonSpark Labs from Gospel Light
  • Bible Blast to the Past from Standard Publishing
  • To the Edge from Regular Baptist Press!
  • Builder's Quest from NextGen4Christ!
  • Move from Orange
  • BASIC Elements from the Science VBS
  • What's in the Bible from Jellyfish One
My reviews begin tomorrow for 2015 with the countdown of my Top Ten . . . my Top Pick for 2015 will be announced/reviewed on January 16th! Which VBS reviews are you most interested in?

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  1. Looking forward to reading all your reviews of each one.