Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 VBS Reviews Begin in just Three Days!

Yes, there are just three days until my 2015 VBS reviews begin to post! As my reviews post you will see . . . 
  • Complete, unbiased and thorough reviews VBS resources for 2015
  • I will be releasing my 2015 Side-by-Side VBS Comparison Chart at the end of my reviews on January 19, 2015!
  • I will have some give-aways again this year!
  • I am reviewing a couple new VBS resources this year - What's in the Bible and the Science VBS!
  • On January 10th and 17th, I'll also post my "Dollars and Cents" of VBS where I break down the costs for each of the kits I reviewed the previous week.
This year I will begin my VBS reviews on January 5th with a review of the VBS which came in as number Ten in my Top Ten VBS for 2015 ranking. Please know, all fifteen VBS resources I reviewed are excellent . . . you will be happy with any which you choose to use in your ministry! As I review VBS resources, there are specific things I look for, which I mark on my side-by-side comparison chart. The VBS resources with the most of the features/components I look for, "score" the highest. My "ranking" is based on the features/components in each kit.

As you read my reviews, please keep in mind;
  • ALL of the VBS resources I review use the Bible. 
  • ALL of the VBS kits I review present an opportunity for children to put their faith in Jesus! 
  • ALL of the VBS kits I review are well designed and make excellent resources to use in your children's ministry. 
  • Some of the kits have more of what I look for than others, but ALL of them are excellent.
So, beginning on Monday, you will be able each day to see another of my 2015 VBS reviews, with a "countdown" to the resource which is my Top VBS for 2015 on January 16, 2015.

There are a few VBS resources which I have not received yet; had I received them, they may have made my Top Ten, but I will be including reviews for the five resources which are not in my Top Ten for 2015 during the week of January 17th. Just because they did not make my Top Ten, it does not mean they are not excellent resources; please take a close look at them to see if they might be a great fit for your ministry!

And, as you read my reviews, while you likely will be looking for the VBS you decide to use for your Vacation Bible School in 2015, please remember, VBS curriculum is an excellent resource for you to use for Sundays during the Summer (my church is doing this!), for special family events in the Summer - and all year! For mid-week throughout the year (a former church I attended always used VBS for their mid-week all year long!) So, if you find there are more than one kit which you really like, look for additional ways you might use them in your ministry as they are truly excellent resources!

Which VBS resource are you most looking forward to hearing about and taking a look at for yourself? Please stay tuned as the fun begins in three days!

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