Saturday, January 3, 2015

Be Faithful in 2015!

As I think about how God showed Himself to me in 2014 there is one word which stands out in my mind; faithful. God was so faithful to me over and over again! So, as I look forward to 2015 I am determined to be faithful to Him! While you might think being determined to be faithful means a lot of "work" on my part; I actually find it tremendously freeing! Consider the following ways choosing to be faithful brings freedom to our lives and ministries . . .
  • When I have an option to get involved in something, I can choose to be faithful to use what God has given me and to move forward until it becomes clear God does not want me to go forward!
  • If God closes a door, I can rejoice in knowing I was faithful to move forward and if it was what God wanted for me I would still be moving forward, but since it isn't, it is all actually, really good!
  • I can rejoice in knowing God is bigger than I think He is and He is able to do ever so much more than I can even begin to imagine, so if I choose to be faithful, I just need to do what God has given me to do and leave the results to Him!
These choices to be faithful brings so much freedom . . . and joy . . . to my life on a personal level and on a ministry level! I do not have to worry about anything if I am just committed to being faithful! 

As you look forward to 2015, make the choice to be faithful knowing God is bigger than we think He is and He is able to do ever so much more than we can even begin to imagine!

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  1. Truly our God is faithful and He remains so true and the same yesterday, today and forever. Despite of our unfaithfulness to Him, His faithfulness remains the same towards us. And you are right Ms. Lynda, choosing to be faithful does not mean doing a lot of things on part but doing only what is essential and what is important in the presence of our Almighty Father and that is doing only what He wants us to do in all areas of our life. Faithfulness for 2015 and beyond. God bless.